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Weekend reminder 💚 Make memories, make connections & live your life fully, free of body/food fixation! Happy Saturday babes x
Does anyone have any experiences with using St Johns Wort for depression/anxiety? 🌼🌼🌼
Depression may tell you things like “it would be better if you weren’t here”, “you’re making other people’s lives worse” or “you are worthless”. Just because you have these thoughts, does NOT mean it is the truth. Depression is a liar. These feelings & thoughts are NOT facts. When you feel depressed, your perception of the world can be distorted. It can feel like you are viewing the world through a dark lens or like there is a dark cloud hovering over you. I get it, I’ve been there. It’s the worst. It’s exhausting to live with feelings of not caring about anything, hopelessness, no energy, fatigue, suicidal thoughts, guilt for feeling that way and all with a voice telling you that it won’t get better. But it does not have to be like this forever! If your mind is being a depressed douche today remember this: 🦋 you matter. 🦋 your existence on this earth makes a difference. 🦋 things WILL get better, but you have to be around to see it. Also noteworthy is that when you’re feeling depressed, your ED or other unhealthy coping mechanisms may try & swoop in to ‘save the day’. Ensure that you thank your ED/unhealthy habits for trying to ‘help’ but remind it that it no longer serves you & work to take some opposite actions to any ED/unhealthy urges (and ensure that you’re eating enough carbs to make that mood boosting serotonin 🧬). . If you don’t feel that you can keep yourself safe PLEASE call 000 & Lifeline on 13 11 14. Please please please reach out for help & support. It does not have to be like this forever & things will get better 💙
Some good tips for meditation newbies or reminders for those of us who have been trying for a while (🙋🏻‍♀️) 💚
“How long you got doc?” 😂
For so long I thought that I was beyond help, inherently flawed & just had a broken brain. In fact in many of my old journal entries I would desperately ask the rhetorical question “how do you fix a broken brain?!” . But the reality is that we are not inherently flawed or broken. We are individuals who (as all humans do) go through some shit that helps us to learn & grow. Anorexia was the most horrific experience of my life, but if I didn’t go through it I wouldn’t have grown into the woman I am now. Anxiety sucks, but it is something I deal with & has taught me about resilience, perseverance, being compassionate to others & pushing beyond your comfort zone. . You are not flawed or broken, you are perfectly imperfect & as long as you’re working to get better, you are growing into being even more amazing than you already are 💖
Pay conscious attention to what you are allowing into your mind. Be vigilant in guarding your mind from toxic thoughts, people and triggers. The more you pay attention to what goes into your mind, the more you will realise the psychological effects & impact of what you expose your mind to has on you. Choose thoughts, people & situations that are conducive to who and where you want to be 💖
Continued on from the previous post ⬇️➡️, here are 3 more tips to help you find a psych who fits your mental health needs: . 🦋 Remember that you are an active participant. Therapy is not passive & you are a key factor in your own healing. Try not to be disheartened after leaving a session & not feeling instantly healed. A psych can help you with coping strategies, but it’s up to you to put them to use. You have to put in the work. 🦋 How can you afford it? This is a massive one, as for some of us the costs associated with regular treatment can feel massive. This can be a major deterring factor from getting the help we need, but it shouln’t be. In Australia, Medicare provides 10 subsidised appointments per year (in my opinion this is nowhere near enough, but that’s a rant for another day). You need to visit your GP who can help develop a personal mental health care plan & provide a referral. Should your mental health care plan continue after these 10 sessions, then private health insurance steps in. Look for health insurance that includes benefits which are more relevant for you. . 🦋 You are not alone. I could throw so many statistics in here (for example, last year 28% of Aussies between the ages of 18 and 29 reported an anxiety disorder and in 2016 to 2017, 2.4 million Aussies used a Medicare-subsidised mental health service). But just know that seeking professional help not anything to be ashamed of & it’s important to seek help as soon as you can, as the research shows that the earlier mental health issues are treated, the better the chances of recovery.
After metaphorically kissing many toads before finding the right fit, I was fortunate enough to find an amazing psych & I have seen her on & off for 15 years. You might be lucky & click with your very first one, or you may have to shop around a bit. The latter is very normal & common, so don’t give up hope! As of March this year, there were 30,249 registered & practicing psychologists in Australia, so one is bound to be able to assist. It’s kind of like dating, you need to find your right match & someone you feel you can work with. I encourage anyone who feels the need to go & chat with a professional to do so. No problem is “not important enough”. If it is bugging you, it warrants a session... or 10! . Below are 3 tips to help you find a psych who fits your mental health needs: . 🦋 Why are you looking? Just like other health professions, many psychologists specialise in certain areas, so it will help you narrow down your options if you identify why you’re looking for one. What are you feeling? What would you like to work through or deal with? Whatever it is, search for a psychologist specialising in that area. 🦋 Where are you looking? I always suggest that people start with their GP. If needed, they can provide an initial assessment & can refer you to a mental health professional. Also (of course) the internet! Particularly for my Aussie mates, the Australian Psychological Society’s Find a Psychologist database allows you to search for psychologists by location & issue. 🦋How do they make you feel? This is where I have palmed off a lot of professionals I have seen 😂. Whilst you should not have the same connection as you would with a friend, you should feel that you can be open, not judged & like the professional can relate to you. You need to feel comfortable to talk about what you’re feeling so that they have as much info as possible to help you. Your psych may outline a treatment plan for you & together, you can set clear goals. If you don’t feel like you’re getting what you need from your psych, give them honest feedback, but also remember it’s completely ok to try someone new. . Continued in the next post ⬆️⬅️
Trust yourself 💎
Feeling very vulnerable but very humbled to have my story featured on the website of @eatingdisordersvictoria 💜 such a fantastic organisation cultivating real change. . By sharing our stories & struggles we create a safe space for people to also allow themselves to be vulnerable & be seen. We can enable a community in which people feel supported & we can heal together. You are not alone.
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