Wardrobe & Makeup for @shawniladawn πŸ’œ Featured artist in #NoNo If you dont know her yet you sure as Heaven will. She is necessary to the planet. Thank you @sarahmccolgan ⚑ @ingavee ❀ Hair by @mizzlizzybee #jayz #rocnation @rocnation Also Wardrobe/Hair/Makeup for BG and dancers. With @tilomai.hill @lashondasimshair @adhayglam @diascyn @laurentheterrible #shawniladawn #mariahcarey #stylist #mua #makeup #setlife
Wardrobe/Hair/Makeup for @briannamazzola β­πŸ’œβ­ THX @frankborin @marcodemolina @mrkeithbrown @maxcoltt My baby @mizzlizzybee worked her little fingers to the bone for days helping to execute my designs.(Brianna inspired everything with her wild mind) If something had to be painted or beaded at 4 AM it was LizzyπŸ’œ Also @diascyn πŸ’ͺ @missgigifuentes πŸ’ͺ @nikkiremulla πŸ’ͺ@iamrobertvalentino @michaelvincentacademy Justin @freakcityla who started the whole graffitti on clothes thing many years ago painting this fit and inspired art backdrop. @mrperrywhite Made pants. @laurentheterrible handled wardrobe on all background and God knows what else #stylist #makupartist #hairstylist #fashion #setlife #briannamazzola #howmuch
Loved working with True artist @auroramusic She is pure and sweet, has no fear and will most likely bring peace to earth. (This is probably first time she has raised that middle finger) Thanks to @timmattia ❀ @jack.a.winter πŸ’™ @kailusk 🧑 @jennmick00 πŸ’› @semerakhan πŸ’œ #fxmakeup #auroramusic #aurora #auroraaksnes
@anderson._paak will most likely change the world. He kept making this gesture at me for some reason🀣 Makeup FX and Hair FX by me. SLIDE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> This video is one of my alltime favorites to have worked on. Endless thanks to @colinseyes ❀@jamee3 πŸ’™@boyinthecastle @mizzlizzybee was my right hand. @mstr_of_disguise 🧑/stylist Thx @robertvalentino & @michaelvincentacademy #Tints #AndersonPaak #kendricklamar #DrDre #setlife #fx #fxmakeup #makeup #mua #hairstylist
#TwentyOnePilots Slide➑️ Didn't get pic last video I did with them so I bugged em for this one at end of long night shoot. They had to have been Too tired for it but were nice enough to do it anyway. Photo credit goes to @reelbearmedia πŸ’‘ peeking out in back. Photobomb on the side is the amazing @jennaajoseph I hate where I set this pic up. Sorry guys it lost quality cuz i had to zoom in and crop and then i looked bad..had to ad filter for my self esteem so i will hopefully get to stalk them for another one someday. Ooops #myblood directed by @timmattia 🎬 Starring @trentculkin & @tharealjamesbud Thx to @jennmick00 πŸ’“ & @kailusk πŸ’™ @dawnritz πŸ‘—πŸ’œ @dougman3000 πŸ“½ #joshuadun #tylerjoseph #Trench #Clique #skeletonclique
Wardobe/Hair/Makeup for Enigmatic Fashion Icon Jesse Rutherford. I am proud of this Extremly Rare moment because he always dresses himself. I randomly had this with me and he chose to wear it. Its just one of many vibes from raw to ultra glam from @jesserutherford & Book of fashion moments shot by @englishenglish Thx slicky @nikkiparisi this was one of ours. #theneighbourhood #nbhd #thenbhd #stylist #makeup #mua #hairstylist #setlife #jesserutherford
Over 100 million views so far and Yes I'm in it 4 times. Look for the pink unicornπŸ¦„ #JustinBieber #ChancetheRapper #DJKhaled #Quavo Endless Thanks to @colinseyes @boyinthecastle @jamee3 #hairstylist #mua #fashion #setlife #makeup #nobrainer
I met #ColinTilley many years ago while i was wearing a white motorcycle helmet with unicorn horn attatched and white onsie to match...on set..of a @melaniefiona video. He looked past my outfit then Over time witnessed my 'Feeling Important' phase and heard who knows what folklore about me yet stayed loyal keeping me part of the family. Yes ive worked with every director and continue to work with most at one point or another on music videos, commercials and film. There are a people i refuse to work for and some who would rather eat cat poop than work with me again...some have helped me get wherever i am and ive learned from others.. but this is the guy who keeps me on my toes creativly and maintains my love for music industry. I started in music video world but have branched out so these days I am only spotted on a video set if at least one of these applies.. #1 i love the director #2 i love the producer #3 Artist is my client #4 its not a sensible budget (They got plenty of πŸ’°) Or #5 im hired by label. I dont just go do any ol music video anymore kids. Ive maintained my existence in music industry by creating instead of copying By staying ahead instead of regurgitating the past and by not feeding them evaporating trends but mainly because i work for the best. I Thank @colinseyes for a refreshingly positive enviornment and constant push for greatness all accomplished with zero drama so yup.. Hes my alltime favorite. #boyinthecastle @jamee3 ❀ @jonawthin ⚑ @neekkp #setlife πŸŽ₯ #GOAT Photo by @AlexGHarper
Snapshots i took of #ShaunRoss Slide➑ #Supermodel #malemodel #fashion #photography I Accidentally deleted this so had to repost:)
@superduperkyle obviously loves working with me. #PlayinWitMe video THANKS @boyinthecastle 🏰 @colinseyes πŸŽ₯ @jamee3 πŸ‘‘ #Kyle #boyinthecastle #kehlani
"Remind me to Forget" Video with #Kygo This is as mad as he will ever look. I give him award for alltime nicest DJ. THANKS @boyinthecastle 🏰 @colinseyes πŸŽ₯ @jamee3 πŸ‘‘ #setlife #boyinthecastle
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