Based at OSL . De-icing Instructor + Operator. On the editorial board of Norwegian’s Safety Review magazine.

@flysas jetting out of OSL from 19R with a beautiful wintery backdrop and low clouds making a natural gradient over the hillsides ❄️🔥
View of the suburbs of Paris some time after sunset as we are climbing out of ORY 👌🏻
Passing over Menorca - one of the Balearic islands located in the Mediterranean sea - before landing runway 01 at MAH Menorca Mahon Airport ☀️
Paris welcoming us with a beautiful sunset for our approach into Orly airport
Southbound from Bodø with a sun low enough to make shadows point upwards.
From a summer a couple of years ago .. figured it was about time to open the RAW and edit at this point . Sometimes colours and stuff just work. Down on your knees and elbows - it does wonders 😬
I have developed my hot coffee-cup stabilizing skills to level 11 at this point - it’s a hard-earned figure and I am proud of it. Shitty weather kind of a day with a lot of wind, rain/snow and overcast darkness in late october . OSL-KRS-OSL with @andreaspilot - here he is wrestling with crosswinds at KRS 🙂
I just happen to know that this is one of Rui’s favourite shots .. And i can’t blame him . It is different - and different is a good thing. The light hit just right for it to appear as if @ruilopesd is all alone on his flight deck - with only his 4 stripes and a view of closing in on Stockholm ..
Unmistakably back at OSL ❤️ #oslfoto #avgeek
If this photo does not sum up my very good friend Rui’s general attitude and way of going about things I don’t know what does. Photo is candid as always and we are flying from somewhere to somewhere else - apparently towards a low sun - I don’t remember anymore and it does not really matter. @ruilopesd
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