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So much has been going on in my life right now and I have been very much caught up with it. Tried to keep balance, but I guess I’m not too good at it so I stumbled. . Can’t say it’s been going easy, eh? Half a year done. How has self-love and self-care going for you? How have you been? . And oh, Happy Independence Day. Let us all be free from all the fears that set us apart from who we were and who we should be. To stand up for what we believe in and fight for it, if we must. I hope we can all be that courageous. ✨
I’ll be coming home tomorrow refreshed from the 4-day Batangas trip that I had. Spent time and celebrated with the people who are close to my heart. I am forever grateful. ✨ I am alive and loved at 27. Thank you, universe! ❤️
Ang aking damdamin pinaglalaruan ng baliw at ng ulan 🎶
Woman, you are strong. Strong within the intricate fibers of your being. Strong within the atmosphere of the galaxy you hold dear beneath you. The strength that you keep is incomparable to anything. The greatness that you hide under your wings is nothing short of awe. These are nothing compared to the jolt of awakening that your conscious is waiting to behold. Woman, nothing is to be confessed short of who you are. Your whispers throughout the night send ripples of waves and breeze across the universe that is your mind. When you set your mind on something, it's as gentle yet as firm as your heart's grip to every makeup and being of what you love. Woman, you are strong, yet you choose to love kindly. And when you are held back by the people of this world, it's just but another chance to express the grandeur of your decisions. When they concede to your presence, somewhere in the distant past and universe, stars crash and burn to rejoice. . . Happy International Women’s Day to every woman the universe has the privilege of having. 💜
Fighting Monday blues in my preferred hue. 💙
Need to undergo sea-section ASAP. 😅 Where are you off to this weekend?
Travelling and exploring places have always been therapeutic for me. The serenity that each place offers me is such a great help in boosting my journey towards healing. . . I'm so thankful that I was introduced to backpacking. I had one constant travel buddy way back in 2015 and he, through the experiences that we went through, taught me the lifestyle that is simple and stripped off of all luxuries. But nonetheless amazing. . . Fast forward to 4 years and tons of travel buddies later, here I am enjoying all the simple joys that backpacking has to offer. Sleeping in hammocks, cooking your own meals, riding buses in the middle of the night and waking up to sunrises in window panes--these are little details of this life that has paved way sparking joy in me. God's creation is certainly unceasingly amazing. I don't think I'll ever get tired of it. ✨
One major thing I learned from 2018 is self-love. It took me years of deceiving myself before I'm finally able to accept me—flaws, bruises, and heartbreaks. And I love how it has greatly affected my mental health and overall well-being! So for 2019, my goal would revolve around bettering my self for myself. . . Currently, I'm working on reconciling myself with the fact that not all the things/people I want to happen will go my way. And that it's totally okay to let go of these things, because they are better off with freedom than confinement. I'm learning that they are well off with my arms wide open setting them free, than my arms tightly hugging enclosing them like a trap. That's suffocating. Because of that, I myself is set free. . . I would love to share my story as I go through this process! But then I would also have to work on my acceptance of non-validation. 😊 If you have stories to share, let me know too! Let's spread love and connection, because we are not alone in this kind of journey. . . Here's to 2019 that's going to be full of love, springing from love of oneself transcending beyond. ✨
Swinging into 2019 be like... . . Happy New Year! Let love and light radiate brighter more than ever. ✨
I've always loved visiting temples or churches wherever I go. It refreshes me of the ability of humans to believe and have faith--keep to it. The diversity of it all amazes me. Especially how each and everyone of our souls (or the lack of it for some) is strengthened by a principle that transcends beyond all futile things we try so much to make sense of.
Oftentimes, we scroll through the stunning photos on this platform and drool over the amazingly perfect life that all these people have. Who's to blame? They are in paradise of blue ocean swimming with luxury while here we are, stuck in our respective desks, eyes glued to the numbers and reports waiting to be finished. - I say bullshit. This is reality. It is crap. It sucks to be stuck working a 9-5, but it is what it is. It's cliché, but I'll say it again and again. Not everything you see here is what it really is. There's more to these awestrucking photos. - I don't have a perfect life. Just like you, I wake up at 8AM and drag my sorry self to work. I feel sad, whenever I think of missing people. I feel pain, whenever I realize that there are tons of moments I couldn't take back anymore. I feel happy, whenever I am back in the arms of my love--the ocean. - But let me say this, there's more to all of it. Everyday, I choose to be happy. I hope that we will all be able to, someday somehow, curate our lives according to the sunshine that we prefer to be surrounded with--because we all deserve to.
Breathtaking Nusa Penida!! ✨ - - Had to endure a 40-minute rough road ride for this. My insides are misplaced from the “lubak-lubak” (as our driver called it), but my eyes were feasting even under the scorching heat of the sun!
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