The Dodo

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These animals are brilliant escape artists 🤣 (📹: @viralhog )
This guy carried his dog 800 miles to help her love hiking again 💚 (🐶: @_roamad_ )
This whale mom is trapped in half a ton of nets 😮 (📹: @viralhog )
These tiny, brave little puppies beat all the odds 💪💜 (🐶: @snortrescue , @roadogs , @luckysecondchanceatlife_ )
This dog was nursing her own 10 puppies when she decided to adopt a litter of orphans 💞(📹: @dev_naz , @ge_naz )
Watch these teeny baby hummingbirds grow up in 28 days 💛
@suzie_and_kushi are the best co-parents to their family of foster kittens 😭🐱
Look at this majestic snout 😍 (📹: @viralhog )
This old feral cat had trouble settling into his new home — until he met these kittens 💞 (🐱: @tinykittenshq )
This girl hopped on a plane to save a dog she fell in love with from @takisshelter …TWICE! ❤️ (🐶: @mayaandsnoopy )
The look on this little boy's face when he meets a puppy just like him 😍 (🐶👦: @kelsayer )
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