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There’s Marijuana in the Cake that Jerry Pickler Baked He Loves the Dubyah So Do I So Do I I’m 21 I’m Getting High
Just finished up recording a cover song for the next tribute comp I'm putting out. For what reasons would you like to hear this jam before it is released? Top 7 answers get a sneak peek for their ears 24 hours from now.
Tickets are about to climb higher on that money tree yall. Will we be seeing you in Chicago in September? Apparently it's one of Slayers last shows & they said they wouldn't play if The Village PPL wasn't playing YMCA & Against Me playing a fav album w/ a holagram of AXL ROSE on stage.
Because people, normal people like you have them terrified of being who they really are (who they really are) & shit
Playing this Saturday w/ @lilskritt , Safe Word, & Lord's & Liars in Raleigh NC at Slim's
Young Victor aka "lil boss" bought us 6$ worth of chips to eat after work. Tomorrow we will be hanging out at the Zen Garden. He says that he feels peace there when in a bad mood. Big ups to all the independent kids out there!
Friends & Family art show up at the Job that Kyle works. Imagining that most of the art will be on the walls at this show & not be walking around shaking hands & shit. Coworkers meeting the alter ego's for the first time. Come out to my show at Slim's in Raleigh on the 29th My first gig in the triangle whilst living here buddies!
Got to pound on a drum hanging from @cutthroatfreakshow eye sockets last night! These fine & soulful performers are on tour for the next few weeks. Give em some love & support @scarlettstorm @birdshot_kilpatrick @xo_rabbitt
Big ups to @mxmosephine up in Portal Studio the past week composing backing tracks for herself to play/sing to at future shows. Wielding a mighty vintage organ inherited from her grandmother, womanipulating several guitar petals w/ backing vox & using a violin in many different ways to create psychedelia. Been a pleasure to help a dear friend evolve through solo exploration & a hands on learning experience for thyself. Happy Father's day with all the Granny energy & shit!
classic Tron action shot & shit
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