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I draw stuff 🍭 My life is quite boring so I have a pretty rich imagination. Get my ebook 👇

Abstract art! 🙌 Felt like it today... Spontaneous drawings are so relaxing and meditative 😌 Go get it as a wallpaper if you like it, it’s available to download from my website. . ✍️ The texture brush is my custom “Concrete” brush which I haven’t use enough lately even though I like it sooooooo much lol 🙈😳 Yea I’m emotionally connected to my brushes. You should try them, they’re pretty fun brushes overall. . Hope you’ll enjoy watching! It’s almost weekend so be strong guys, sleep well, be awesome and buy my ebook! 🤩😍 Cheers, G. . #doodle #ipadpro #digitalpainting #artist #graphics #dailydrawing #artlovers #art_spotlight #satisfying #sketching
New little drawing video 🤘 Brown sky, big sea, and a cheeky dolphin 🐬 Oh and tons of texture made with my custom “Jeans” brush! 😍 Listen guys, when you stuck and don’t know what to draw - just start with a circle!! 💪 Its always easier to draw within clear boundaries. Something about limiting yourself to a structured shape makes you feel more creative and confident. . Btw I’m fascinated by all your support and awesome feedback on my new ebook! 😭😍 It seems like you guys really enjoying reading it and I’m so happy you find my insights helpful! Tbh I was really nervous about publishing it and now I feel way better 😂🙈 so thank you for making me do that. If you haven’t read my ebook already - go to my website and download “View Insight” now 🤗 you don’t wanna miss the exclusive 20% launch discount. 🚀 . Hope you have a beautiful day whenever you are in the world. Be a good person, draw everyday, and buy my ebook 😋 Cheers, Gal. . #painting #sketch #artdaily #graphicdesign #colorful #dailyart #ipad #wallart #oddlysatisfying
My ebook is finally ready! 🤩🤩 I’m suuuuuper excited to publish View Insights today and to share my journey as a creator on social media. The ebook features tips, strategies, and insights on how to get started, how to find your style, how to grow an audience, and more! ✨ . Go download the PDF on my website with a special 20% launch discount! Link in my bio! 😊 I’ve put a lot of effort in writing it during the past months so I really hope you guys will enjoy reading it. 💜 . View Insights was inspired by the questions I get from you guys about being a creator and artist. So thank you so much for pushing me into writing an ebook 😂 which is totally out of my comfort zone. I really believe every one would find some valuable tips in it, so give it a chance! 😘 Cheers, Gal
Hey there! ✨🤩 New drawing video which was actually the most requested idea on my Pakatu page 🥇 “Draw an open jar and a galaxy comes out of it.” So I hope I managed to fulfill the expectations 🤗 It was pretty fun to give a “glassy” look to the jar lol the best way to paint glass is to actually draw nothing but reflections. 😂 . The texture brush is “Paper” - a custom brush that I’ve designed which you can get on my website 🙌 . The full process video is up on my YouTube channel where you can see the layers and stuff. 💜 Check out to vote and request ideas for my next drawings! Hope you have a fun day! 🙏 Gal . #procreate #draw #creative #ipadart #artistsoninstagram #digitalartwork #design #illustrator
New wallpaper! ✨ Available on my website, go and download it for free. 🤗 Felt like drawing a koi fish one more time. And another underwater environment 💙 Something about the fluidity of these fish is soooo relaxing to draw! Hope you’ll like it enough to put it as your phone background 🙈 . The texture brush is “Textile” - a custom brush that I’ve designed from a photo that I took of the surface of the couch in my living room... We’ve donated that couch since then, but its texture is still with us 🤩 and apparently being used by many of you who purchased my brushes 😊 You can get it and all my other texture brushes on my website! . #art #digitalart #drawing #color #ipadpro #instaart #contemporaryart #digitalpainting #paintings
Underwater 🐠 New drawing! Always wanted to try to illustrate a vibrant underwear environment. I love drawing plants and water plants are even more fun 😛 Not sure about some of the fish though, lol I don’t think they even exist in these shapes. 🙈 At least I managed to hide them with some lights and bubbles. Always use lights and bubbles to cover your mediocre art! 😂 jk . Anyway, the textures are made with my custom brushes that I’ve designed. You can get them on my website ✨🐬 . #artwork #painting #inspiration #artistic #draw #illustration #crafts #dailyart #graphics
“Space Run” - New wallpaper!! ✨ Available to download on my website 😊 I’ve noticed that in the video it seems like I’m drawing the figure spontaneously lol but I actually sketched it before 🙌 my sketch layer is below with low opacity so it’s hard to see it in the video... No one can draw a figure silhouette that easy 😂 . It’s been a while since I published a new wallpaper so I hope you guys will love it although it has a lot of white in it haha 🙈 . The texture brush is... Drumroll... JEANS! (You can get it on my website) ✨ If you didn’t know - I actually designed this brush from a photo that I took of one of my very own jeans pants 😱🤗 Cheers, Gal 💙 . #doodle #art #artist #instaartist #digitalartwork #colorful #ipadart #graphicdesign #procreate
Desert 🌛 Minimal landscape painting with a pastel color palette from @color.hunt ! 🎨 Wanted to slow down a bit today and paint something simple and relaxing. 😊 I guess... Lots of texture here made with my famous “Sand” brush which you can get on my website. . I didn’t manage to draw enough lately since most of my time went into the book that I’m writing 🙌 As some of you have seen on my stories, I’m working on an ebook where I will share my journey as a creator! Gonna include some lessons I’ve learned, and how I managed to grow as an artist here on Instagram. Super excited about it and will hopefully publish it next month. . Hope you’re having a chill day and doing something fun, 🤘 cheers, Gal. . #creative #design #artlovers #paintings #ipad #wallart #digitaldrawing #draweveryday #oddlysatisfying
A little octopus for today 🙌 playing with his basketball. Lots of attention to shadows and highlights, with too many layers 🙈 . Hope you’ll enjoy watching! 😊 The texture brushes are my own custom brushes which you can get on my website. Have a beautiful day! Gal 💜 . #art #painting #illustrationartists #instaartist #kawaii #characterdesign #creative #drawingart #doodle
Oooh look at you little snail with your snaily eyes 😏 you got to be happy with that shiny emerald color that you’re wearing. Lol it’s crazy how investing in details such as eyes and mouth can drastically add personality to anything. 👀 It’s been a while since I did character design, and this snail reminded me how fun it is. Help me pick a name for this guy? 🤓 . I’ve uploaded the full process video to my YouTube channel so you guys can watch it to see all the layers and stuff! 💚 The texture brush is “Sugar” which you can get on my website. . Enjoy your day! I actually took a day off today to chill, no filming, no emails, no meetings... So I bet your day can’t be better than mine 😋 but anyway, get yourself some “me-time” to enjoy life. Cheers, Gal. . #digitalart #draw #kawaii #artistsoninstagram #illustrator #instapainting #drawings #instaart #dailysketch
🔥 A little campfire for today! Went all over with these gradients lol I guess I’m in my “gradientalism” period 🙈 I actually made this drawing a while ago for a client but it didn’t make the cut. Anyway, it was very refreshing going with a dark theme style and playing with vibrant tones, very happy with how the light+shadow below the fire turned out. ✨ . The texture brush that I used is my own “Stone” brush which you can get on my website together with all my custom brushes. ✍️ . Ooh btw! Many of you keep asking me about my glove, so lucky you, is GIVING AWAY 10 gloves this week! 🧤 🧤 Go check out their recent post to get the chance to win one. . #drawing #color #art_spotlight #colorful #instart #satisfying #instadrawing #dailydrawing
A little abstract art for today ✨ I’ve been finding myself doing these more often lately. I feel like it really gives you the chance to actually enjoy the drawing process. Because when you draw figurative or realistic objects you always have that tension to stick with a specific vision that you have in mind. While drawing abstract shapes without planning too much makes the process more meditative and friction-less. . Lol what do I know, maybe it’s just me trying to hide from the fact that I don’t have any idea for a drawing 😂 anyway, this thingy came out and I guess I’m happy with it. Happy enough to share it with you. 😊 . The brush that I used for the texture is my own “Sand” brush which you can get on my website with all my other custom brushes! ✍️ Cheers, Gal . #abstractart #ipadpro #ipadart #contemporaryart #dailyart #digitalartist #graphics
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