Taniya 💁🏾😻

Keep it classy💅🏾👄| Sc:darkieebadd💗

Still goin bad on em anyways 🥰🤤
They see you doin' good now it’s kinda hard to diss you🤪🤤
S L O W G R I N D 🐢
I’m the focus ,might as well say cheese for the picture 💫
Attention imma need y’all to face front ‼️👌🏾 #nofilter
I’m not Quavo or Offset but you dumb if you Takeoff and let Migo❕❗️
I don’t chase niggas but they will run a mile for me 🏃🏾‍♂️😍
Ya chick wanna party with Niya 💞👸🏾
I got them on they toes cause you know I’m better then these h*es #BirthdayGirl1 ️⃣6️⃣💕
This exclusive you can't in find this in the store👸🏾😻