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24 years ago, I represented the USA in the World Championships. I wasn’t ranked at the time, mainly because it was my first world championship appearance. I wrestled 5 very hard, difficult matches, defeating the current world champion in the finals, Arawat Sabeev from Germany. The following year was the 1996 Olympics, which I again won the gold medal (with a broken freakin neck 😃). It was a Blessing to be involved in such a challenging sport like wrestling. I learned so many things, but most importantly, I learned to NEVER give up. Thank you to my family, coaches and friends that shared these moments with me. I think about them every single day. #itstrue #Gold #champion
17 years ago today, the powers that be decided that since I was losing my hair already, I would look better bald... so I lost the hair vs hair match against Edge. BUT we decided to play a little joke on Edge. Early that day, the Boss and I had Edge convinced that I was going to win the match, which means Edge would have had to shave his head. Edge didn’t take the news very well... he wasn’t mad or angry, just very sad. Wouldn’t you be sad if you had edge’s hair and the boss told you that you were going to lose it??? So later in the day, I told Edge the truth, that I was going to lose my hair, not him. And we tore the house down. One of my favorite matches. Thank you Edge. If anybody wants to shave their head, don’t let Edge do it. He sucks. One of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced. #itstrue
Team Angle #fanart #2003
PUNCH!. “Have that check ready tomorrow” EXIT. 😃😃😃
The new middle finger Grappz are 🔥🔥🔥 Check out what else is new at @grappzofficial or go to GETGRAPPZ.COM to get 15% off your order, just enter discount code KURT at checkout. #itstrue #grappz #notape #fingerprotection #gripstrength #allathletes #grapplers #wrestlerforlife
Went to Sophia’s And Giuliana’s school today to read them a book and show my gold medal to their classmates’. Lots of fun. #itstrue
Who’s the leader of the team?
Babe, thank you for being you. Happy Mother’s Day. I Love You
My first time signing 10,000 autographs at one time. Wander how long this will take? If any of you guess the amount of hours it will take, I will send you an autographed photo. Good luck! #itstrue
Love being at home with my little ones. I spent the first half of my life doing what was best for me. The 2nd half of my life is doing what’s best for them. #happyretirement #itstrue
The Quarter finals of the 1996 Olympics. I made a huge mistake that almost cost me the win, not to mention it could have ended my chance at winning a gold medal. They say in order to win the Olympics, you need to wrestle flawlessly. It’s true. But when you DO make a mistake, you need to clear your mind and focus on scoring points. I stuck with my plan... I tied up the match 3-3, and forced my opponent to make his own mistakes. I won 5-3. This was as focused as I’ve ever been. I was on a mission. Gold!!!!!!!! Gold!!! Gold!!!
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