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The Second City Went ‘Rogue’ All Weekend - - - (Link in bio) @warwickadavis @acarboni @starwars @starwarscelebration #swcc #starwars #starwarscelebration
Smile! We have a title for our 43rd e.t.c. revue. #etc43
Today’s Second City lineup: @aidybryant + @ian_owens__ + @matthovde
KIND of a big deal
👋 @DearEvanHansen , Thanks for playing the set last night. Sincerely, SC
Just wanted to share this really good pic of our new e.t.c. cast. #etc43
25 years ago, we lost a legend. John Candy’s generosity of spirit and immense talent is still felt in the work we do every day at The Second City, and we send our love to his incredible family and his millions of fans--all of whom he'd call friends. - - - #sctv #johncandy #secondcity
Congratulations to our 2019 Bob Curry Fellows!
Two casts are better than one. Shout out to our #BlackHistoryMonth ⁠ ⁠Show cast for playing the set on the Mainstage last night!
An SNL Star, an NBA Star & an NHL Star Walk Into The Second City… Shout out to @chrisreddis , @whitemamba and Brent Seabrook for coming by last night!
Holy Schitt! Eugene Levy stopped by the @ramisfilmschool for a student Q&A today. (📷 @timothymschmidt )
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