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Illustrator and visual artist, LDN 🐒 For freelance inquiries email me or slide in my dms 💌✨ 💕@pinkprotest 💕✨ You can buy my art here 👇🏻

Think this is the first and only time I will use #squadgoals without taking the piss but these women truly are. The chants ringing out today of ‘send her home’ at Trumps rally sent shivers down my spine. He’s appealing to the most racist, fascist and toxic ideologies within society and allowing people to act upon them, we should all be scared and drawing similarities to what’s happened previously in dictatorships. For @ilhanmn to tweet in response Maya Angelou’s ‘till I rise’ further hammers home the greatness and fearlessness of the woman. I know what side of history I want to be on 💪🏼🙅🏻‍♀️ #istandwithilhan #thesquad #illustration
💐 Happy birthday Frida 💐 Via @unwomen Frida Kahlo, defied gender stereotypes & never sacrificed who she was or what she wanted from life. Both of these are available as prints, link in bio 🌷 #illustration #fridakahlo
💖 Sistxrhood 💖 My print celebrating 10 years of @shangrilart Is now available to buy through their website online. Being asked to create a print for @shangrilaglasto is an absolute dream come true. I remember finding myself there at 17 and being absolutely blown away by this outdoor exhibition and haven like I’d never seen before. Even last Glasto I said one day I will have a billboard up there and watching people dance and celebrate underneath my one this year made this stoosh bitch well up. I’m so honoured to be part of the shangrila family but most importantly of @thesistxrhood. We’re really building something so special here and I already can’t wait till next year 💖💖💖💖💖💖 #illustration #shangrila #glastonbury #sistxrhood
Occupy space work out edition 🤸🏼‍♀️🧘🏽‍♀️🤸🏻‍♂️Obviously I had to draw the baddest and most talked about bitch of the week, the Nike mannequin. This is a reminder that all bodies are worthy of taking up space,Yes even in work out spaces! God it really do be womxn tearing down other womxn a lot of the time. Unfortunately the BS hysteria around this is not shocking to me. I’m a size 14 woman who works out between 3-6 a weeks and have a whole list of BS that’s been said to me from other womxn. Everything from womxn questioning me if I’ve ‘ever done this class before’ before it starts (YES BITCH) to womxn not being able to hide the disdain on their face that I’m more flexible/better form than them. Sorry hun that your size 6 lulu lemon arse can’t do the splits and I can 🥳💅🏻 Tanya Gold felt the need to write a piece for the @telegraph appalled that Nike show such a disgusting (normal) body shape. Womxn like her and other body shamers can suck their mum. Girl bye 👋🏼 #occupyspace #illustration #nikemannequin
New illustration for @vice about how it’s tougher than ever right now to be a stripper in the UK. You can read the full article in my story by the amazing @nasgnb 💸 Prints of this are available on my shop, which is back open now ✨✨✨#illustration #sexwork #vice
Wheeling this one back whilst this dribble stain of a woman is entertaining the Cheeto c*nt. AS IF he even dare utter that our NHS might be on the table, whilst May just stood there next to him. A trade deal with Trump would no doubt mean the privatisation and dismantling of the NHS, whilst the Tories gleefully rub their hands. We should all be shook. #fucktrump #illustration #stopbrexit
Happy world menstrual hygiene day huns! Back in 2016 The minister for civil society invited charities and organisations that work with disadvantaged women and girls to apply for the latest £15m round of funding from the Tampon Tax. It has emerged that only one of them ten chosen this year is a specialist women’s charity and they are not receiving enough of the money promised. Issues around the tampon tax will always feel unjust for me, why should essentially womxn still have to fund this and pay a luxury tax on something that is veryyyy far from luxurious. Imagine all the money womxn would save over lifetime if they didn’t pay a bullshit gender tax, we deserve a rebate bbz ! 💸 #illustration #tampontax #gendertax #worldmenstrualhygieneday
'When men get involved in womxn's contraceptive issues' 🖕🏼Stealing Everyday sexism’s perfect words ‘We are witnessing the slow and deliberate roll back of womxn’s rights to their own bodies in real time. These measures are not about “life”, all the evidence shows banning abortion doesn’t stop it, it makes it less safe and imperils the lives of poorer womxn, womxn of colour and other marginalised groups. This is about controlling womxn, about policing their sexuality, about imposing a deeply regressive patriarchal idea of womxn’s place and role’ Fuck them 25 ham faced old white men who voted. Fuck anyone who doesn’t believe womxn shouldn’t have safe access to abortion, handmaids tale live action is here. #reproductiverights #prochoice #womensrights
I was beyond gassed when @elleuk asked me to create an illustration celebrating body positivity for mental health awareness week. As womxn we can tend to shrink ourselves, apologise and never want to occupy too much space and this applies even more to marginalised bodies. I wanted this piece to celebrate the female form in all its glory and to encourage others to stop shrinking themselves within society, physically and metaphorically. 💁🏻‍♀️Teen me is SCREAMING right now, I’ve had a subscription to ELLE since I was 12 and my hoarding ass has them all over my mums house 🙃So this is a true honour. I’ve added a limited amount of prints of this to my shop, link in bio bbys 💖🤸🏼‍♀️🧘🏽‍♀️🤸🏿‍♂️ #mentalhealthawareness #mhaw #elle #illustration #bodypositive #bodypositivity
A year on since my last aggy piece about how shit it can be money wise being a creative I’m revisiting it... cos guess what nothing’s changed. Literally bored to death of EXPECTING now for companies not to pay me on time and to have to beg to get paid for work they expect me to turn around in two days 🙄 In no other sector would it be ok for companies just to not pay you, it’s so fucking stressful constantly having to harass people for money you have earned. I currently have a list of TEN unpaid invoices 💸 Holla l if you have any tips or tricks to freelance BS cos your girls monzo is minus 🤷🏻‍♀️ . Happy Sunday 😌💕 p.s the really good companies pay you in like a day.... there’s no justification for companies hanging on to the very last hour of the 30 days 🙄 #bitchbetterhavemymoney #illustration #typography
Did you know May is mastubration month? 💦💦💦 I didn’t so in celebration you can cop this print for £10 all this month. This piece is part of the @pinkprotest #girlswanktoo movement ,which is set out to demystify the taboos which surround female masturbation. It is also the project that I try and hide from my 90 year old nan 🥰 Have an excellent bank holiday weekend huns 🐰💦💥 link in bio #illustration
After months of graft she is here, my zine ‘womxn you should know’ 💘 A zine dedicated to the incredible womxn, trans and GNC folk I know who genuinely make London and the world in general a better place. This is my love letter to them 💌 Earlier this year @converse_london invited me to be one of their London taste makers for their #sparkprogress campaign and this baby was what I decided to produce. 💖💖 The first 20 print orders from my shop will receive a free copy of the zine with any print this week. Link in bio.❤️❤️💎💎 #illustration #zine #converselondon
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