R.I.P Grandpa 11.13.13

I 💘 My Vans
Fight Together💕👊🏽🎀 • • • @sierato went in on these.
ACC Tourney Champs🏆 #Brotherhood Love you momma💕
We are writing this post so that this information comes from our family, and that we can answer any questions before they are asked. Our mother, our rock, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. We are fortunate that it was caught at an early stage. We want to let everyone know she is doing great and fighting extremely hard. Anyone that knows her, knows how tough and strong she truly is and that she will beat this! We would like to ask for prayers, positive vibes, and privacy for our family during this time. We love you momma and we got your back!💞
That’s my woadie, that’s my slime, that’s my kin💉✊🏽🤟🏽
Can’t leave without it
Y R I 🤟🏽
#CamFam in the cut, that’s a scary sight👿😤🎪
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