Jason Tresh

Director of Marketing at @WingTrades & Graphic Design at Xtrades — Retired Soccer and Baseball player LeeU 23’

1st game the Tresh brothers have played together.... aaannndd we both went yard😂😤
I only took 5 pictures the last time I went to CO... lets just say I didnt make the same mistake this time😄
A bird keeps flying into our window...
Not goin lie, kinda wanna be back out cheering for the boys with the lads #NorthPress
☀️🔴⚡️🍗 pt. 2
I work hard hoping he is looking down on me, proud of what he sees. No better motivation than that. #dawgsznpt2
I know you can’t tell but I my mama gave me some beautiful green eyes... #themoreyouknow #seniorsunday
11th man🥴
The diversity is real tho👀
Issa Gxng
Solid 3 years of soccer, probably should’ve started earlier but I’m thankful for the time I had. Went from not even all conference Junior year to All state this year all thanks to the boys in front of me holding it down😤 Thanks for everything boys
On to the next one➡️
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