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Life is a marathon, not a sprint. If you don’t love the process, you will never reach the goal. Just trust the process and never stop.
Arm day at the Mecca 💪🏽 Going back later to train some hamstrings with MR O @flexatronrhoden 🙌🏽
Wagon wheel rows and deadlifts 💪🏽
Delt destruction today! Comment what you trained today! 🙌🏽🙏🏽
Working on some posing at Gold’s today! Tryna thicken up the back 🙌🏽
Today’s heavy session: • Warm Up - 5 Minutes Stairclimber • Leg Extensions - 6 Sets of 12-15, Increase weight each set. • Barbell Back Squats - 6 Sets of 10-12, 2 Sets to Failure, Started at 135lbs, finished at 285lbs. • Leg Press - 10 Sets Total, Increase weight each set, started at 360lbs, finished at 900lbs. • Walking Lunges - 3 Sets to Failure. • Felt like doing a ton of sets for each exercise today and going heavier to switch things up. I like to go off of how I am feeling that day, sometimes that means higher volume lighter weight, other times that means going heavy as sh** 💪🏽
BOOM! Back day 💪🏽
Master coach and teacher @bartkwan guiding me through a set and ensuring complete symmetry from head to toe 😅 Sick shoulder and arm pump today @barbellbrigade 🙌🏽 Bart was super chill, funny, and polite the whole time 🙏🏽 It was great meeting you brother 💪🏽
Flexing with @bradleymartyn after training some chest and arms! 💪🏽
Explosive Sled Push 🛷 This exercise is not to see how fast you can push the sled from point A to point B. Start at one side and each step drive as much force as possible into the ground and drive your knee to your chest. Trust me it’s not easy 😅 • 🎥: @bryanwesleywilliams
Agility work... this is how I stay agile while continuing to build muscle. Was talking to @titoraymond about using functional movements to improve overall athleticism and explosiveness, he knows what it’s all about 🙏🏽💪🏽
Transform • This picture was from the beginning of my fitness journey. Seems pretty crazy to see just how far I’ve come... from just a boy training in the gym to now travelling the world doing what I love. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES, just got to believe in yourself ❤️ • PS I cringe when I see the first photo 🤷🏽‍♂️
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