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[500th post!] ul colorings ✧ last slide is a tutorial on how to use them! (ultralight app is optional, you can also just use the blend bg without the ultralight settings) give cc (coloring credits) if using! comment ur favourite!
Soft intro ✧ I don’t have a special yet, but thank you guys sooooo much for 200K! I can’t even explain how thankful I am for every single one of you ♡
Request sum :) — I’m making lots of TUTORIALS for some of these transitions, probably no(t much) presets. request anything from these edits except for: - overlays - colorings - NOT making clip packs of these!!
time slicer stretch ✧ For the time slice effect, merge your clips and add the last code! Make sure there isn’t a transition already 😁 give credits if using! :) - #Vspresets #videostarpresets #presets #videostar #videostarapp #videostartutorial #vstut #videostarcode #videostarqrcodes #videostarcodes #vsqrcode #vspreset #editingtutorial #videooverlays #videostaroverlays
‘s Panning ✧ give credits and comment if using! ☽ ೃ ༄
intro float ✧ Since y’all seem to like my floats hehe give creds if used! AUDIO IS POSTED ON @SXTURN.VSP
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