Videostar Presets

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Yay a post again 🥰👊🏻
My 100K giveaway ! Thank you all so so much uwu. Here are the rules: •mbf: me & @finnsweetheart •tag 2 editors who might want to join •repost This on your story (DONT TAG ME) •request @vidstars100k and wait patiently :))
See the tut at the last slide so you know what to put in the layers :))
Tut and preset :) if you use the preset: layer 1=overlay, layer 2&3=masked pic. If you use the tut: just watch what I’m doing. Ofc you can use other overlays too if you want
:)) Layer 1: photo (mask, see last slide). Layer 2: cloud 1. Layer 3: cloud 2. Layer 4: cloud 3 🥵 ib: @filmvcr
A tut for y’alll :) just follow me, and if it goes to fast you can slow it down in iMovie, InShot, Etc
New update heheh
New update 🤠 Ib: @videostarpresetssx (lol people getting triggered)
Layer 1,2,3: picture one. Layer 4: picture two. If you want the bounce then you have to add it after you’ve added the first preset :)
Sorry for fast example- layer 1 photo, layer 2 colour, layer 3 text — Tags (ignore): #videostarpresets #videostarpreset #vspresets #vspreset #vstutorial #transition #videostar #videostarhelp
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