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Sine spin(THE EXAMPLE IS SO FAST LOL😅) SWIPE FOR THE PRESETS:) PlS GivE CreDitS! @videostarapp 💕 #videostar #vspresets
[CREDITS TO THE OWNER] swipe for the overlays:)👉🏻 . #videostar #videostarpresets #vspresets #videostarcodes #vscodes
cube aesthetic giVe CrEdiTs (ib that one intro im sorry i forget who’s it’s by) #vsspnea
{ intro credits: @vstarrpresetss } IS PROPER CREDIT if you don’t give credits for this thing that took literally 2 hours I will find you. I will hunt you down. And beat you with my Gucci chancla and force you to become friends with James Charles. so don’t try me :) #vsspnea
repost i messed up the cover [ give creds ] #vsspnea
[ anqels is recruiting! ] rules: mbf @aqvafied , @s.altytears , @advoremp4 , @anqelsgrp tag 3 ACTIVE editors repost on story (tag this acc) post 3 edits (two old, one new) to #anqelsrct ————— we are looking for: -creativity -trust -skill -appreciation ————— more logos in highlights! [ #grprct #grplogo ]
kinda random but could be good in aesthetic edits give credits uwu #vsspnea
im adding my mbl like colorings to your edits! the rules are simple (& the colorings are not-) mbf this account! repost on your story! comment below what coloring! &that’s it! depending on how much time i have, i can do more people!
I’m in school what a rebel 😳🤡🤪 give creDits #vsspnea
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