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In response to a growing demand for information and how to get started crafting a #plantbased diet, #StLouis , #Missouri , will be home to the #UnitedStates ’ first fully plant-based nutrition and culinary education center – the @Plant_Based_Center (CPBL).🌱 - Caryn Dugan, (AKA) @STL_Veg_Girl , adopted the diet in 2008 in response to both her father’s untimely passing from cancer and her own diagnosis exactly 10 weeks later. She soon became St. Louis’ official plant-based nutrition, culinary and lifestyle go-to gal. - Dugan has strong ties with @ForksOverKnives , @PhysiciansCommittee and the @The_Plantrician_Project , all of which will be evidently apparent through classes and programs offered. These are trusted organizations in the plant-based arena and people put value in these entities. A speaker’s series, corporate team building, cooking classes and much more will be offered at CPBL. 🙏🌱 - To Register For Classes, READ MORE: 🌍👉 (LINK IN OUR BIO)👆@worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
The remaining 25,000 #polarbears  are losing their habitat as the sea ice melts. #Oildrilling , human encroachment, and other threats also play a role in their decline. In fact, in 2015, polar bears were designated “vulnerable” by the @iucnsossaveourspecies of Nature’s Red List. - #Canada , where the majority of the world’s polar bears live, still allows people to hunt them for so-called “sport.” In recent years, more than 5,000 have been killed.💔 - #Hunting companies advertise extreme hunting trips to Canada’s #Arctic to hunt the Earth’s largest land predator. For around $45,000 people can sadly book a 12-day excursion to track and hunt a polar bear. - 🚨Please sign this @Care2 Petition and demand that Canada ban all polar bear #trophyhunting immediately! 🖋👆(LINK IN OUR BIO) - READ MORE: 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
Happy Friday! The Winter is nearly over in #SouthAfrica and temperatures are beginning to climb! Orphaned baby #rhino Sparkle and her friends wasted no time in flopping into the mud wallow today to escape the heat. Sparkle even took her colorful ball with her and shared it with Summer! 🦏☀️ - After such tragic beginnings, it’s wonderful to see these babies find little pieces of happiness and joy. 🙏🦏💛 #orphanage - - Via @careforwild - 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
@IDA_International and @Jindo.Love.Adoptions recently seized 28 #dogs bound for slaughter en-route to #SouthKorea ’s #dogmeat festival, known as ‘#Boknal .’ Almost all of the dogs are suffering from heartworm and severe neglect. The rescue team is calling for donations to support urgently-needed emergency medical treatment. 🙏🐕 - Sadly, two dogs have died, and more are struggling. Basic medical care will cost over $1,000 per dog for the remaining 26 survivors.💔 - 🚨Your help is needed to save these rescued dogs and many more like them from the #dogmeattrade in #Asia . Please consider donating to #InDefenseofAnimals 🙏👆(LINK IN OUR BIO) - - #EndDogMeatTrade 🐕🚫 - READ MORE: 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
Despite the overwhelming support to end the barbaric “sport” of #bullfighting , it recently returned to the #BalearicIslands in #Spain . The cruel spectacle, held at #Mallorca ’s #ColiseoBalear on August 9th of this year, came in the wake of a Spanish Constitutional Court ruling that struck down legislative measures adopted by the autonomous community’s Parliament in July 2017. 🐃🚫 - “The decision to revive the torment of #bulls for public entertainment flies in the face of public opinion. It is an insult to both the Parliament of the Balearic Islands and the majority of this autonomous community’s population who strongly oppose bullfighting and did their utmost to end this anachronism,” @HSIglobal  Executive Director in #Europe , Ruud Tombrock, said in a statement. - #HSI supported the Mallorca Without Blood initiative, organized by @AnimaNaturalis and @CAS.International , which aimed to end bullfighting in the Balearic Islands.🙏🐃🚫 #EndBullFighting #StopBullfighting - - READ MORE: 🌍👉 (LINK IN OUR BIO)👆@worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
Incredible Transformation! A couple of months ago @four_paws_international shared the story of Moo. The poor #pup who had been found tied to a pole under the scorching sun in #Vietnam . 🐕💔 - His eyes were swollen so badly that he couldn't even see who was approaching when they came for his rescue. However, he immediately trusted them to be the ones who would change his life for the better. 🙏 - His faith, strength and will to recover paid off as he made a remarkable recovery: after five intensive weeks of antibacterial baths, oral medications, and a lot of love, they could barely recognize him from the older footage. Moo has been fully vaccinated, neutered and is an incredibly sweet and happy little guy. Go Moo! 🐕🙏💛 - Via @four_paws_international - 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
Heartbreaking photos of #Tikiira , an emaciated 70-year-old female #elephant forced to participate in a grueling 10 day festival in #SriLanka , have been shared around the world by #SaveTheElephant . 🐘💔 - “No one can distinguish her bony body or her weakened condition because of her costume,” Save The Elephant stated in the gut-wrenching post on its Facebook page. “No one notices the tears in her eyes, injured by the bright lights that decorate her mask. No one recognizes her difficulty to step as her legs are shackled while she walks.” - Save the Elephant is requesting that people contact the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, @Ranil_Wickremesinghe , urging him to put an end to this barbaric cruelty and torture! Contact information on our website. 🙏🦏 - 🚨 People are also encouraged to sign a petition to save Tikiiri 🖋👆(LINK IN OUR BIO) - READ MORE: 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
Last week, the @USDOT provided greater clarity to passengers, airlines, and other stakeholders about the its interpretation and enforcement of the existing #serviceanimal rules. - Rejecting last year’s stance by @Delta Air Lines to ban #pitbulls , the department stated that “a limitation based exclusively on breed of the service animal is not to be allowed under its service animal regulation.” 🐕 - Other issues addressed include species limitations, document requirements, and animal containment. - - READ MORE: 🌍👉 (LINK IN OUR BIO)👆@worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
When you just let animals be themselves without boundaries or judgment, you never know what will happen. 🙌💕 - With @wildwoodfarmsanctuary ’s recent fencing project, the fence between Coco and Charlotte was removed and a beautiful friendship has bloomed. Definitely not something anyone ever expected and we think it’s amazing! 🐂💛🦆 - Via @wildwoodfarmsanctuary @shesscarlett @jklamlam - 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
A new report, prepared for the @CITES conference, urges that trade suspensions be imposed against #Mexico for its failure to protect #vaquitas from illegal fishing.🐬🚫 - “CITES’s Last Chance: Stop the Illegal #Totoaba Trade to Save the Vaquita” details undercover investigations by the @EIAenvironment into the illegal #totoaba trade in Mexico and #China , and describes Mexico’s persistent failure, despite repeated promises, to save the vaquita from entanglement in #gillnets set for shrimp, totoaba and other fish species. - READ MORE: 🌍👉 (LINK IN OUR BIO)👆@worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
#AB273 , The #WildlifeProtectionAct of 2019, which would prohibit commercial and recreational #furtrapping and the sale of those raw #pelts , was approved by the full Senate on a 30-9 vote, and is now heading to the desk of California Governor @GavinNewsom. 🙏🦊🙌 - Each year, hundreds of animals including gray #foxes , #coyotes , #badgers , #beavers and #mink are trapped, tortured, and killed in #California so that their pelts can be sold in foreign #fur markets.💔 - AB 273 was authored by Assemblywoman @LorenasGonzalez and is co-sponsored by @SocialCompassion and the @CenterforBioDiv. - 🚨Please send your letter of support of AB273. Individuals can send support letters today! 🙏👆(LINK IN OUR BIO) - READ MORE: 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
Some of @pacificmmc ’s patients require a little more TLC than others. Bo the #seal was definitely one of those cases. The animal care team worked diligently with her on fish schooling, foraging, and other behavior issues to ensure she had the best chance back in the wild. You will always have a special place in everyone’s heart. Be free & thrive Bo! 🙏💛 #Rescue #Rehab #Release - Pacific Marine Mammal Center sometimes release patients off a boat as it tends to be less stressful than a beach release, especially for #elephantseals . - Via @pacificmmc - 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
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