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23 • Singapore Business • Photoshoots : yk@leeyikkeat.com My newest video out now👇🏻

The freedom we have vs being viewed by thousands of people
A sudden downpour and everybody on their umbrella show • Takeshita street, Japan
The silence you can hear so loud at temple of heaven
A city split into half, the old-new and the new-old, if you get what I mean.
The places that will be gone but remain forever in visuals, swipe for the images I’ve managed to captured through this old town in Beijing, these are images I will take away with me even in the long run, and tell the story to the younger generations out there in the future.
Just you, me and the city’s flow of energy.
More than half of the people living here are military veterans, with it’s neighbourhood (shown in these pictures) as unique as their history can be.
Finding the little things in everyday life. I choose to seek for spontaneous moments everywhere I go, it’s something that makes me observe and feel that the world actually is much better than it looks.
Networking post🔥 this post is for you guys!! • Name a few accounts that I should see! Where will you see yourself in 5 years? Drop a like and comment down below, chat with the comment on the top and bottom of your’s, checking out all profiles here too + replying to them too. Lets get it👇🏻
Jenga on drunk mode.. any guesses on the location? • Tag someone whom will like this!
The Forbidden City which served as a home only for the government and the royal family, now having 16.7 million vistors a year. Wow imagine having so many people visiting your home
Whitewashed wishes • I’m always having two lenses on the go with me, a 24-70 F/2.8 and 16-35 F/4 , what’s your go to?
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