BOSS #BuiltOnSelfSuccess Mummylicious, Realty Tv Star, Enterprenuer

Getting sunkissed.....
Step up or sit down, just dont stand still. Always on the go as a momprenuer. @essenixhair
Da faaaawwk ya mean? Like for real, you heard that about me🤔. You there, why you looking around am talking to you looking at this post. Whatchu heard bout me?
Still about last night @pearlthusi bday part-ee 📸@accessfilms
Thanks for the invite @pearlthusi Happy bday babe 📸@accessfilms
Mama Tee
Happy mothers day from mines to yours... and all single dads playing the part, we appreciate you not to mention guardians, grandmothers aunties and uncles who have taken up this role. You are much appreciated👏
Yeaaaas darling she has arrived 📸@accessfilms
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