👑😺Prince Zulu 😺👑 Master of @fej_snikduj Bestie of @mr.fitzsby Born ~7/4/2018 Found on the streets of Richmond, CA Adopted 9/2/2018 📍San Francisco, CA

C’mon dad, use those muscles and let’s go faster plzzzz 💪🛶 #princezulu #catdad #catdaddy #catonaboat
I met some other cats this weekend along with their humans. That part was great - but then they tried to force us to POSE for a GROUP PHOTO 😼😾😼😾. I think I speak for all the other cats in this photo when I say NOT COOL. 📸 @bayareacatadventureclub
I loveeeee this backpack. Seriously, I’ve decided to sleep in it instead of cuddling with dad. And he doesn’t mind, he loves this pack too. So does @mr.fitzsby , aka #copycat 😹
I’m comfortable. Is this comfortable for you dad? I don’t know why I asked, BECAUSE I DONT CARE. 📸 @zuko.the.bengal
I’ve been eating my Wheaties and now... I’M SO TALL. 📸 @mr.fitzsby
#tbt to when I was the star of the trip, on the back of my hooman. #backpacking #catpacking
Me when...dad speaks 😹 #boring #yawn #shutupalready
🔊🆙🎵audio up 🎶 🎧 ⬆️ MEOW.
I’m not allowed outside the parking lot at many state parks, but the view is good enough from here 😺😺😺
I’m so sophisticated. So much so that dad has decided to try and toilet train me. We’ll see how that goes - off to a rough start! 😹😹😹 📸 @zuko.the.bengal #adventurecatsorg #adventurecat #hikingwithcats #catxplorer #catadventures #meownday #meowmonday
It’s understood among cats that all is well in the shade on a hot day, no matter past disputes, or ongoing resentment 😹😹😹. It was great to meet @zuko.the.bengal - I’m jealous of his super soft coat. #catfriends #shade #truce 📸 @zuko.the.bengal
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